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Localisation Reclassification

3B: Bayesian analysis of Blinking and Bleacking

Sample 3B reconstruction of podosomes 3B microscopy uses Bayesian analysis to perform superresolution microscopy on live cells on standard widefield microscopes with 50nm spatial and 4s temporal resolution.

RhoA signalling at the leading edge of migrating T cells

FLIM images of T cells Migrating T cells show significant RhoA signalling along their leading edge

Charge Ordering In the Manganites

Front Cover of Nature Materials: 7(1) 2008 Manganites at certain compositions exhibit a charge density wave superstructure.

Measuring Dispertion with EPR

Absorbtion varying with magnetic field and temperature' Organic magnet systems, in which the distances between the metal ions can be tuned chemically, allows the magnetic interactions to be systematically varied. Such `materials to order' are used to search for exotic spin phases which have been predicted but not yet observed, such as a spin supersolid. This work shows that the spin dispersion in these systems can be measured using electron paramagnetic resonance (EPR), creating a viable, cheaper alternative to the usual technique of neutron diffraction.

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